Daviess County was established on December 29th, 1836, and named for Major Joseph Hamilton Daviess – a soldier from Kentucky who was killed in 1811 at the Battle of Tippecanoe.  

Daviess County is a Township form of Government. Townships are operated by board members that are responsible for setting tax levies, maintaining roads and culverts under 36 inches, and zoning regulations. The County is comprised of 15 Townships: Benton, Salem, Washington, Lincoln, Marion, Grand River, Jamesport, Jefferson, Liberty, Union, Jackson, Colfax, Sheridan, Monroe, and Harrison.

Daviess County includes eight cities: Altamont, Coffey, Gallatin (County Seat), Jameson, Jamesport, Lock Springs, Pattonsburg and Winston.

As of the 2024 Census, the population is approximately 8,430 people occupying a total area of 569 square miles.