Public Notices

Courthouse Employment Opportunities

This position/positions is/are available immediately for 30 hrs per week (4 days) and/or 37.5 hrs per week (5 days) (8am to 4:30 pm, 1 hr lunch) with full-time benefits of county paid health insurance, PTO at 10 hrs per month and Vacation hours at 5 days after 1 year of employment (advances to 20 days per year max). Retirement benefits of 401a retirement and 457b retirement savings with a $0.50 per dollar match each year up to 6% of your wages, all pre-tax directly from payroll. Competitive wages with bonus for experience and skills that we require. Working knowledge of QuickBooks, INCODE, Word and Excel a plus but not required. Will train the right person, but strict attention to detail and the ability to multi-task are required.

These positions involve the following dutes (and more):

  • Payroll (four different types per month) including direct deposit and paying all benefits
  • Human Resources (Onboarding, maintaining employee payroll and benefit files , Terminations, etc)
  • Coding and paying all county bills (Fund Accounting – 49 separate funds)
  • General Journal entries and balance accounting controls each month
  • Maintaining Road & Bridge files, composing brush letters, and tracking progress
  • Complying with Federal Grants recordkeeping requirements
  • Managing Railroad & Utilities assessments and billing
  • Working with county entities to set Tax Levy Rates
  • Managing Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reports and filings
  • Certify and swear in Notaries
  • Add and Calculate all tax statements, balance accounting controls each month
  • Process voter registrations, Residence Confirmation Notices, and Name and Address changes
  • Process all election documents, maintain election calendar, contact poll workers
  • Set up, test, and certify election equipment before each election (including polling locations)
  • Many other duties as assigned

Clock Illumination Colors

Below are the colors, and their corresponding causes, we are currently using to illuminate the clock face on top of the courthouse. Suggestions of changes or additions to this list are welcome and will be taken under consideration.

January (Blue) – Human Trafficking

February (Red) – Heart Disease

March (Orange) – Multiple Sclerosis, Kidney Disease & Self Injury

April (Primary Multi) – Autism

May (Purple) – Cystic Fibrosis & Fibromyalgia

June (Green) – Worker Safety

July (Blue & Purple) – Juvenile Arthritis

August (Pink) – Nursing Mothers

September (Yellow) – POW/MIA & Childhood Cancer

October (Pink) – Breast Cancer

November (Purple) – Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Homelessness & Pancreatic Cancer

December (Red) – Drug and Alcohol Prevention & HIV/AIDS

In addition we will illuminate these individual days

Valentine’s Day (Pink)

St. Patrick’s Day (Green & White)

Fourth of July (Red, White & Blue)

Halloween (Orange)

Christmas (Red & Green)

Chief’s Red Friday (Red)

Press Release ARPA funds

ARPA Grant Application 1 – Public Health

Funds available for Vaccinations, Testing, Contract Tracing, Prevention in Congregate Settings, PPE, Medical Expenses, Capital investments or Physical Plant Changes to Public Facilities that respond to the public health emergency, Other public health expenses, Payroll costs for Public Health, Safety and other public sector staff responding to COVID-19.

ARPA Grant Application 2 – Negative Economic Impacts

Funds available for Household Assistance Programs in Food, Rent, Mortgage & Utility, Cash Transfers, Internet Access and Eviction prevention. Also for Programs in Unemployment Benefits, Job Training Assistance, and Unemployment Trust Funds. Also for Programs in Small Business Economic Assistance, Aid to Non-profit Organizations, Aid to Tourism, Travel, or Hospitality, Aid to Other Impacted Industries, Other Economic Support, and Rehiring Public Sector Staff.

ARPA Grant Application 3 – Services to Disproportionately Impacted Communities

Funds available for Programs in Education Assistance for Early Learning, Aid to High Poverty Districts, Academic Services, Social Emotional and Mental Health Services, and Other Services. Also funds for Programs in Healthy Childhood Environments for Child Care, Home Visiting, Services to Foster Youth or Families Involved in Child Welfare System, and Other Services. Also Programs in Housing Support for Affordable Housing, Services for Unhoused Persons, and Other Housing Assistance. Also Programs in Social Determinants of Health for Other Services, Community Health Workers or Benefits Navigators, Lead Remediation, and Community Violence Interventions.

ARPA Grant Application 4 – Essential Worker Premium Pay

Funds available for Programs in Public Sector Employees and Private Sector Grants to Other Employers.

ARPA Grant Application 5 – Water, Sewer and Broadband Infrastructure

Funds available for Programs in Clean Water for Centralized Wastewater Treatment, Centralized Wastewater Collection and Conveyance, Decentralized Wastewater, Combined Sewer Overflows, Storm water, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation and Nonpoint Source. Also for Programs in Drinking Water for Treatment, Transmission & Distribution, Transmission & Distribution Lead Remediation, Source, Storage, Other water infrastructure. Also for Programs in Broadband for Last Mile projects and Other projects.

ARPA Grant Application 7 – Administrative Costs

Funds available for ARPA Administrative Expenses, Evaluation & Data Analysis, Transfers to other Units of Government, and Transfers to Non-entitlement Units (states & territories only).